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Walk Thru the Bible

A few memorable hours
4,000 years of history

An epic adventure
Saturday, June 15, 2019
9:00 -12:00

Marion Grace Church




Experience an event that unveils God’s Word as you’ve never known it before. As you walk thru the Old Testament, you’ll realize that the Bible is coming to life and your knowledge of its people, places, and themes

is rapidly increasing. In just a few short hours, you’ll see the big picture better than some who have studied for years. Like many others, you may walk away saying, “I never understood the Bible like this before!”

Most of all, you’ll develop a deeper connection with the God who wants you to know Him and will never stop pursuing your heart. The more you understand His story, the more you’ll realize it’s your story too. And the more you realize it’s your story, the more His words will change your life.

  • Experience the story of the Bible in a way that makes God’s Word come alive.
  • Learn 40 handsigns and stories designed to help youunderstand the big picture of the Old Testament.
  • See beyond the facts of the Bible and encounter its author.


Send to Marion Grace Church, 2813 Gooding Road.  Marion, Ohio 43302

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