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Pappas Family


Encompass World Partners serves in seven countries in Western Europe: Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal and Spain. Now European leaders are increasingly joining efforts with American staff to see multi-national teams form. Some teams are forming in their home countries and some are being sent to other countries. As partnerships take shape involving Encompass staff, national leaders and European church-planters sent abroad, the challenges are many. But God is drawing a unified team together with a heart for coordinating efforts to reach the “Old Continent.”


  1. Pray for spiritual protection and growth in the growing number of European leaders.
  2. Pray for the Europe Work Group from across Europe that is seeking to guide the effort toward great coordination and cooperation.
  3. Pray that each European Grace Brethren Church and each believer would see how they can contribute in this pan-European effort to share Christ, make disciples and plant churches.


The Charis Europe Network—composed of European Grace Brethren Churches, National Ministry Partners and Encompass World Partners staff—is taking shape and beginning to organize joint outreach and training activities.

Fast Facts

  • Population of Western Europe: 413 million.
  • Unreached people groups: 15 of 28 Western European countries have evangelical populations of 1% or less.
  • There are 800+ believers in the 13 European GBCs.

Kids Prayer Request…

Many European children and youth have NO experience in church. Pray that they will meet Christians and see what it means to follow Jesus.



Tim & Jessica Robertson


Once known as the most beautiful city in French Indochina, Phnom Penh has seen times of prosperity as well as very tragic periods of death and destruction. Since the dark days of the Khmer Rouge (1970s to 1990s) ended, Phnom Penh is seeing another boom. The city’s population has increased to nearly 2,000,000, the infrastructure has improved significantly, and recently the first high rise structures have been built. Phnom Penh continues to be a city in the midst of rapid change and a prime location for many who need to hear the gospel.
  1. Pray that the new church planting team in Phnom Penh would be able to locate many “people of peace” around the city (Luke 10:5-6).
  2. Pray that the new team will be able to communicate the good news to people in an oral culture.
  3. Pray that the lives of the new team will be like “good seed” in the fields of Phnom Penh (Matt 13:24-33).
In 1990, there were 10 Protestant churches in Cambodia. In 2010 it was reported that Cambodia had 1,224 Protestant churches.


  • The Economic Institute of Cambodia
    estimates that 85% of Cambodians
    hold no formal job.
  • 26% of Cambodians live on less than
    $1.25 per day.
Pray that the team in Phnom Penh can memorize lots of stories about Jesus in the Khmer language so that they can tell their friends and neighbors about Him.


Dr. Paul & Louise Klawitter
– France


CREATIVE OUTREACH – In some cultures, inviting new acquaintances to a church-sponsored activity is common and effective. But imagine a context where, for many, anything associated with the church is negative. Many Encompass staff find themselves in just such circumstances. The question becomes, “How do you meet people who need the gospel?”

Part of the response is “relational bridges”–any activity or place considered neutral or safe where believers establish relationships, live out, and share the gospel. Many of these bridges are proving effective.




REGIONAL LEADERSHIP – Encompass World Partners has served in Western Europe since 1952, with a wide variety of ministries, including publishing, a retreat center, evangelism, and church planting. As more national leaders are raised up, a growing partnership between church leaders, cross-cultural workers sent from European churches, and Encompass staff will be crucial for the future growth and direction of the work on the “Old Continent.”

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