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We are a family of missionaries seeking to glorify God and make Him known, working in international teams with 228 people groups. We pursue the beauty and balance of “AND” — the synergy that includes both ends of the spectrum:

Encompass has a rich heritage AND is part of the worldwide body of Christ.
Encompass is part of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches, an Evangelical family with a heritage born of the Pietist movement of the early 1700s. With all the Grace Brethren, Encompass remains committed to biblical truth, biblical relationships, and biblical mission.

We are also part of the broader body of Christ and are committed to partnerships in mission. We work with many Evangelical organizations to be more effective together than we could ever be alone. We seek to partner with churches and individuals who would join us in what God has called us to be and do.

Encompass has deep roots AND looks to the future.
Encompass started in 1900. Missionaries and leaders of the past paid a high price to establish an enduring foundation for today’s ministry. Because of what God has done through faithful men and women, 95% of the Grace Brethren churches are outside of the United States.

We also seek to be part of what God is doing today. We encourage innovation, working to continuously improve how we are pursuing the Great Commission. The world is changing with new challenges and obstacles. We seek God’s answers to continue to take His church to the least reached.

Encompass is committed to evangelistic church planting AND compassionate response to need.
Our overarching focus has continued to be using innovative means to share Christ with those who have not heard, gather new believers into community, and train leaders so that an indigenous church planting movement would flourish. The fundamental need of all people will only be met in Christ.

We also are committed to showing Christ’s love to those in need. Through crisis response, integrated medical care, and sustainable community development, we seek to minister to the needs of our brothers and sisters and to “do good to all people.”

Encompass serves the North American church AND a worldwide fellowship
We serve the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches in the United States. We seek to mobilize individuals and churches in North America to fulfill their role in the Great Commission. We enable them, through partnership with Encompass, to send and sustain those whom God has called into international cross-cultural ministry.

We also work in close partnership with Grace Brethren fellowships God has established around the globe. We are honored to be part of Charis, an international fellowship of Grace Brethren leaders and enthusiastically support their “Commitment to Common Mission.” We gladly take our place within the fraternity of Grace Brethren agencies developing worldwide that serves together in international teams in order to plant churches among the least reached.

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